Flavor Guide: Our Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

We are firm believers that the bride and groom should choose whatever cake flavors sound best to them, whether that is the ever-popular chocolate or vanilla, or branching out to a more unique flavor like lavender or earl grey. When it is your special day, you should choose a cake flavor that you will be looking forward to and that you know you will love!

That being said, we are pretty commonly asked what our most popular flavor choices are, so we wanted to share the top five wedding cake flavors that seem to get ordered again and again. Some of these flavors are traditional ones that you would expect to find at any event, but some of them may take you by surprise. However, even though these are our most popular flavors, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to cake!

Our Number One Most Requested Flavor - Vanilla


It is no surprise that vanilla is our most requested cake flavor year after year. Contrary to popular belief, vanilla is not a boring flavor! Vanilla sponge cake has a light, airy crumb texture and a delicate, refined taste. It is a universally loved flavor that pleases just about any crowd. Potentially the best thing about vanilla cake? It goes with just about any filling you can dream up!

Most popular filling choices: raspberry, vanilla Bavarian cream, strawberry, chocolate ganache, and vanilla buttercream

Our Second Most Requested Flavor - Chocolate


It is also no surprise that chocolate takes the silver trophy of popular cake flavors. Ask anyone on the street what their favorite cake flavor is, and there is a pretty good chance that they will say chocolate. Chocolate cake is rich without being overpowering, and it goes well with lots of other flavor profiles. Bright fruit flavors offset the richness and complement chocolate, but sweeter fillings like caramel also blend well with the slightly bitter undertones.

Most popular filling choices: chocolate ganache, salted caramel ganache, raspberry, and vanilla Bavarian cream

Our Third Most Requested Flavor - Carrot Cake


This one might surprise you! We have seen a rise in the number of carrot cake wedding cakes over the last couple of years, and this year it is almost as popular as chocolate. Carrot cake is a staple of spring, but with warming spices like cinnamon, it is also a popular choice in the fall months. Cream cheese frosting is the traditional filling in carrot cake, but as you will see below, there are some other fun options that also complement it well!

Most popular filling choices: cream cheese frosting, vanilla Bavarian cream filling, salted caramel ganache, and vanilla buttercream

Our Fourth Most Requested Flavor - Almond


Almond cake is a great choice, it has the lightness and simplicity of vanilla cake with an added depth of flavor from the almonds. This has been a top choice for many years, and will likely continue to be for years to come! Almond cake is complemented well with a fruit filling, as it helps brighten the flavor profile, but chocolate and white chocolate are also popular combinations with this cake.

Most popular filling choices: raspberry, cherry, chocolate ganache, and toasted white chocolate ganache

And Lastly, Our Fifth Most Requested Flavor - Red Velvet


Whether it is the vibrant color or the rich flavor, red velvet just seems like the most romantic cake flavor. It is no surprise, then, that it is one of the most common flavors for wedding cakes. With a light cocoa flavor, sweet vanilla undertones, and a slight tanginess, red velvet cake combines all the best flavors into one! Most red velvet cakes are served with a cream cheese frosting filling, but there are a few other choices that may surprise you.

Most popular filling choices: cream cheese frosting, vanilla Bavarian cream, chocolate ganache, and raspberry


We hope that it has been both fun and helpful to see our most popular wedding cake flavors! Every flavor has its own fan club, and there truly is not a right answer when it comes to choosing your cake flavor. Pick something you know you will love and you will win every time!

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