Price List

Single Tier Cakes:
6 inch cakes starting at $
8 inch cakes starting at $
Two Tier Cakes:
8 inch base, 6 inch top starting at $
10 inch base, 8 inch top starting at $
Three Tier Cakes:
10 inch base, 8 inch middle, and 6 inch top starting at $
12 inch base, 9 inch middle, and 6 inch top starting at $
Cake Flavors:
Traditional white (vanilla), almond, lemon, lemon or almond poppyseed, carrot, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, lavender, orange, coconut, honey, apple cider, caramelized white chocolate
Filling Options:
Vanilla Bavarian cream, chocolate ganache, salted caramel ganache, lemon, orange, toasted white chocolate ganache, and fruit filling (all seeds are removed, options may vary based on the season)
Swiss meringue buttercream frosting can be customized in flavor and color to complement the cake
**The pricing listed above is subject to change based on customization of the cake, filling, and decoration. Please complete the Wedding and Event Inquiry Form to get more information on exact pricing.**
**If you are looking for other desserts to supplement your cake, you can find a full dessert bar menu here.**