A Few of Our Favorite Wedding Cake Designs

The wedding industry in Montana has exploded over the past few years. Thousands of people travel from all across the country every year to get married in the beautiful Montana mountains. From elopements in Glacier National Park, to rustic barn weddings, to upscale weddings in Big Sky, there is no shortage of beautiful places to get married in Montana!

With this growth in the industry, the creativity and designs of weddings has grown as well. We are amazed by how unique and creative couples and planners are in designing weddings to fit their personal tastes and stories. We feel honored to be a part of these events and work with clients to design cakes that will be a beautiful addition to their special day. We love every cake that we produce, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few styles that we particularly love.



Simple white cakes like these will never go out of style. The simplicity of the design and the clean lines of these cakes make them timeless classics. Cakes like this also work as an ideal backdrop for fresh flowers or fruit, making the pops of color stand out and catch attention. These cakes are also extremely versatile. Depending on the flowers or toppers used, a cake like this works seamlessly with just about any wedding design- from rustic to modern!



These cakes stay within the same "classic white cake" vein, but add a little bit of texture and interest to the cake itself. The cake on the left has a lace design along the top of each tier, while the cake on the right has a bolder texture around the whole cake. There are lots of other examples of how to add texture to a cake, such as texturing mountains into the side of the cake (this has been a very popular design this year!). Cakes like this still look beautiful with flowers or toppers on them, they simply have a few more fun details.



Another classic style for wedding cakes is the scraped or naked style. We never suggest doing a fully naked cake (with no frosting on the outside of the cake), because cakes are less stable and dry out faster with so little frosting. However, the scraped styles pictured above are a great compromise! There is enough frosting to keep the cake fresh and sturdy, while also being a great option for someone who doesn't love a lot of frosting. These cakes are rustic, classic, and a wonderful choice for a Montana wedding!



Many couples are stepping away from the traditional "all white" wedding cakes. There are so many fun ways to customize cakes and make them feel truly unique, and we love that more and more people are using their cake as a statement piece in the wedding. The cake pictured above on the left is a great example of how wedding colors can be incorporated into the cake to really make it stand out. The cake pictured on the right incorporates some color with a gold wrap, and also features a sugar flower as a fun detail. Cakes like these are great examples of ways to blend tradition with personalized details.



Buttercream flowers are another rising trend that we absolutely love! They can be done in any color and against any backdrop to add an artistic focal point to the dessert table. Buttercream flowers can also be done in a variety of styles to complement the overarching wedding design. They can be large and bold, smaller and delicate, or more painted and artistic. Buttercream flowers are such a fun way to add detail and color to cakes, and we love that this style is becoming more popular!



Another really fun trend is geode cakes. Geode detailing can be added to any style or color cake, like the more traditional white cake pictured above to the left, or the moodier black cake shown to the right. Adding geodes to a cake instantly elevate it with eye-catching details, and cakes like this fit perfectly against a Montana backdrop.

There are so many gorgeous cake designs, and these are just a few examples of ways cakes can be customized to fit each wedding. Weddings are celebrations of people's stories coming together, and we are truly honored to be a small part of these amazing days!


**Photo credits, listed in order of appearance (top to bottom, left to right): Susan K. Adams PhotographyStella K PhotographyKeeley McKay PhotographyElements of Light Photography, Ryan Sin PhotographyOff the Beaten Path Wedding, Danielle Lopez PhotographyKeeley McKay Photography, Jeremiah and Rachel Photography, Kaitlyn Todd (owner of Sweet and Tarte), Olivia Markle, Colby and Jess Photography.**

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